Be safe(r) out there...

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Be safe(r) out there...

Postby zettler » Mon Mar 14, 2011 11:39 am

Just followed up on a lead and received confirmation from the Missouri Conservation officer of a hunter shot on saturday.

A 65 year old experienced hunter suffered a self-inflcted gunshot wound to his lower arm on Saturday and was air-lifted to a Kansas City hospital I believe. While he survived the injury was serious...

No other details are available and we should wait on the official report before conjecturing. Unfortunately, accidents happen even with experienced individuals. A simple error can cause a lifetime of regret for you, your family and friends. I have made my own errors and am VERY LUCKY to still be intact and living but keep trying to be better and safer....

Anyway, prayers and thoughts go out to the man and let's ALL try to be a better hunter. For our sakes and for our families and friends.
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