home made snowgoose wind socks? and decoying tips please

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home made snowgoose wind socks? and decoying tips please

Postby TheDuckSlayer143 » Sun Sep 18, 2011 12:53 pm

lookin to see and make some home made snowgoose wind socks and for some decoy strategy for a cornfield
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Re: home made snowgoose wind socks? and decoying tips please

Postby duxnbass » Fri Nov 04, 2011 8:57 pm

Well I made about 10 dozen snow goose wind socks out of the white trash bags, the kind that stretch instead of just rip, Started with 6' bamboo sticks that I got from Home Depot in the garden section, they come in like a 10 pack for 3 bucks, cut them to 18" then took the trash bags and tied a knot at the top of the stick and added a small white zip tie to secure the knot, tie the other side of the opening of the trash bag about 8" down and add a zip tie, then I got the plastic cardboard 4'x8' sheets also at home depot, and traced a snow goose head from one of my shell deke heads and cut them out with a fine blade jigsaw,once all cut,out drill two 1/8 inch holes in the neck base of the head and zip tie to the stake.I think it cost me about 75 bucks to make ten dozen and when my hunting partener and I set up a spread they fit right in with his sillosocks and the geese do not seem to mind.Pro= it is a good way to ad big numbers to a spread for not alot of money,Con= it took me a full weekend to make them( of course it wasnt hunting season) I do not have a cornfeild to hunt but my hunting partner has forty acres down here on the delta just south of you and we pretty much set up according to wind or weather and usually keep the nicer decoys in the middle of the setup just in front of our layout blind, here on the delta it is usually a fog situation so the more dekes the better.
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Re: home made snowgoose wind socks? and decoying tips please

Postby SQUAWKnemi » Thu Nov 10, 2011 12:54 am

same here in pa.. we just started last year on snows so we rigged an ecaller together with 6 old car speakers, an old car stereo, and a 12v battery.. decoy wise we got about 70 econo socks frm cabellas.. in addition we had some old canadian shells and silos that we painted white. The silos we set up by our blinds and mixed the rest together in a tear drop shape with the wind hitting the pointed end first. The main thing we learned about setting up is to get on the x. its different than hunting the candians. on them we would get away with being near the x it in the heat of the migration and do well. but back to snows If you cant get on the x like we couldnt, the farm next to the farm we hunt was the x and we couldnt hunt it, try to get as close as possible. we would occasionally get some solos or couples to come over wen they would do theyr usual fly in a wave and get back down. We only had about 100 deeks which was probably a problem when the usual hunters in our area would be packing 700 plus sometimes with ecallers you can hear over ours frm 700 yrds + away. but all my crew is in college and work with what we got. Ive met a few guys on here and goose hunting chat that have some snow deeks so were going to try this year and mix it together to get a bigger spread. That might be a way to go and save money. Ive also heard of guys getting old election signs and taking a candian silo as a stencil and making snow silos out of the signs. Good luck and just try different stuff a day of no birds where u learn something new is better than a day on the couch.
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