Snow Goose Hunting trip/Odd Year

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Snow Goose Hunting trip/Odd Year

Postby Snowgooseninja » Sat Jan 28, 2012 4:51 pm

I am leaving for a snow goose hunting trip Feb-3rd-10th. The original plan was to hunt Arkansas during these dates but with this extemely weird weather we are having I think I need to be extremly mobile. Traditionally Arkansas is a hot spot for these dates but thinking the migration is going to be extremly spread out compared to other years. The highs are in the 50s even in Nebraska over the next 10 days and some days in the 60s in Northern Missouri. There is not much of a snow line anywhere to be quite honest in the Central flyway. I understand and know that the geese move close to the same time and place every year but this is a very odd year IMO. Im coming from ND and just wondering if anyone has some Wisdom to share on this situation. I have hunted snow geese for many years and have hunted them in many different states but I have never hunted them in a year like this one before. Any input is appreciated guys! :beer:

This is todays snow map

This is from Feburary 7th of 2011, over a week later
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Re: Snow Goose Hunting trip/Odd Year

Postby honkingcrazy » Wed Feb 01, 2012 4:03 am

i think the biggest problem people are "seeing" is that the weather is odd.. particulary good year in the means of snows though, the have moved into central illinois about a month early, as per the norm. but the crazy huge hatch of light geese this year is pushing them out of their staging grounds early.

for instance, i shot my first snows of the year in November while hunting ducks.. the weather is all messed up nd starting the birds migration south, then it gets warm and they move back north a little ways, then the weather gets cold and cruddy and locks them in for a week or so before they can start moving south again..

i'm hoping the odd weather this season makes for a "grand passage" next season. nothing like not being able to beat the ducks and geese out of your deeks with a stick.
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