Cheap Snow Goose Spread?

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Cheap Snow Goose Spread?

Postby luie b » Sun Feb 05, 2012 1:54 pm

I didn't plan on ever hunting spring snow geese because I didn't think there was that many hunting oppurtunities for it in our area. Went coyote hunting today and no matter what farm I was hunting at, it was impossible to not see snow geese flying overhead. They were EVERYWHERE!!! Some flying relatively low, some ridiculously high. I've heard about some people using white garbage bags to decoy in snows but I didn't know if it actually worked. I don't have money for boughten decoys right now, just bought a new rifle. But do you guys think a few dozen trashbags would draw these birds in?
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Re: Cheap Snow Goose Spread?

Postby takem7 » Sun Feb 05, 2012 9:35 pm

honestly I would just wait for a really wind day and pass shoot them. at least 20 mph or more
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