Another question on chokes for snows

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Another question on chokes for snows

Postby 870 » Sat May 12, 2012 7:40 pm

Let me set the stage for my questions. I’m new to Snow goose hunting and I’m in the mitts of building my spread. I’m hoping to have around 300+ by spring, maybe. Small I know, but give me time, I'm hoping to be up to speed in a couple of years . Snows will have been hunted since early fall through spring. I won’t stretch my barrel I hate crippling. I’m expecting, though in range to be making passing shots. Right now I’m shooting a stock Remington Mod choke. Do you guys think I should switch to a full choke or stay with the mod? Also for the money should I go with Pattern Master or Drake Killer? Do you guys even switch to full or do you stay with mod? Last question, am I over thinking this crap LOL
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