Mixing species and numbers

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Mixing species and numbers

Postby quack-n-stack » Sat Aug 11, 2012 10:48 am

My question is about mixing decoys. We will be targeting multiple species. Ducks, Canada's, specks, and snow/blue/Ross
We will be using about 400 snow and blues, 60 canadas, 60 specks, and 120 mallards. All fullbodys. I know the ideal thing is to match what we find in the field while scouting. Do y'all have any ideas as to what's worked for y'all in the past? Also do you feel this is enough snows to be effective on them? What is the least # of FB snows you have used with really good success? Also we will be hunting mostly small Canada's, so will they intermingle with the snows?
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Re: Mixing species and numbers

Postby derbyacresbob » Sat Aug 11, 2012 2:04 pm

Matching what you find while scouting always worked good for us.

When we could take our decoys out to the hunting area in our trucks we always took all the goose decoys we had. As we bought newer better looking Canada decoys we painted more and more of our old Canada decoys into Snow Goose decoys.

We had specks decoy pretty good to Canada and Snow goose decoys. When we painted three dozen of our older Canada decoys into Speck decoys it blew me away how the Specks just dropped right down on top of the Speck decoys. We learned quickley that if there were very many Specks around we wanted to be close to the Speck decoys that we did have.

The best Canada Goose hunt we ever had, we found about 30 Canada Geese with 6 Snow Geese feeding in a field. While we were watching these Canadas and 6 Snows five more small groups of Canada geese came in and landed within about 30 minutes.

We set up in the same field early the next morning with around 3 dozen Canada decoys and 6 Snow goose decoys. At that time the Canada Goose limit was only 2 birds. There was four of us hunting that day and we killed our 8 bird limit out of the first three small bunches that came in. We had to carry the decoys out into the field so we just took what we thought we needed.

If 400 full bodied Snow and Blue Goose decoys don't work you may need to find a better field to hunt in.
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