No calls :(

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No calls :(

Postby ARduckboy24 » Fri Dec 21, 2012 1:03 pm

Hey guys I was wondering if you could Call snow geese or specklebellys in with a mallard call. My dad is taking me to hunt public land in central Arkansas to try and get me a speck or get lucky and shoot a banded goose. We don't have layout blinds and I had a craphead(quack head) snow goose call but the entire set of guts just fell out only the reeds and I never even took it apart. We have a four wheeler and are probably going to carry in a few decoys but we can't drive the fourwheelr to the exact spot so we will have to carry them part way. Would it be a good idea to mix in some mallards and pintails because my dads a puddle duck hunter at heart and I wanna prove to him you can shoot ducks in a dry field in central Arkansas. All the decoys are snow goose shells. Any help would be great. Plus any other suggestions would be awesome to. Another I asked about the duck decoys is because I don't know if it would seem more natural are not. Plus is it a good idea to set mojos out. Even if it's off to the side a little ways.
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