zink calls out of tune

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zink calls out of tune

Postby chop123 » Fri Dec 02, 2011 6:46 pm

I have a pc-1 clucker poly carb and a pm-1 polycarb both with cocobola mouth pieces,the problem i having if i use them in the morning they sound pretty good,iam not a great caller,but i use them that evening they seem to be totaly out of tune is it me or are they getting moisture in them throwing the sound off? anyone having this problem i want a zink littleman.
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Re: zink calls out of tune

Postby tripleb » Sun Dec 04, 2011 2:38 pm

I have noticed that sometimes water getting between the tone board and reed back near the wedge will seem to make a call harder to run. If you run your call for a while, then remove the insert and examine the reed, you may notice a little dark areas under the reed, just forward of the wedge .... about 1/8" long. I've used a dollar bill between the reed an tone board to clean out that spot and the call runs well for a while then starts being a little harder to run ... until I clean out that spot again. The call doesn't sound very different .... it just is a little slower to run. I've rubbed Paraffin on a dollar bill and run it between the tone board and wedge like I'm cleaning it and that process eliminates the change due to moisture. It doesn't happen to all, or even to most calls, but it does to some. I don't chew tobacco or eat things which gum a call while I'm calling, so I know the change is due to moisture alone.

Do you suppose that your call guts are loose?
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