Buck Gardner Speck Hammer

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Buck Gardner Speck Hammer

Postby aunt betty » Fri Oct 12, 2012 6:48 am

I bought one last season and have been trying to get BG's company to fix it. They won't.
I went round and round in e-mails with their manager who insisted he couldn't get the parts for this call. He said it didn't have "purple guts" and it does.

So I went round and round some more.
The problem: The reed has a slot cut into it (keyway) that makes it so the call self-tunes...there's a bump in the guts that the keyway fits onto and that bump has broken off. It was broken when I got it.

They insist the call don't have purple guts and won't send me the piece I need to fix it.
Therefore I am going to post a video on Youtube of me destroying the call that "don't have purple guts".

I actually talked to Buck Gardner himself in e-mails and he can't figure out how to get me that one little piece of a goose call. It's a cheap call and not worth fixing I guess. I'll NEVER buy another product with Buck Gardner's name on it. Am I color blind? The U.S. Army tested me and they said no.
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Re: Buck Gardner Speck Hammer

Postby The Duck Hammer » Fri Oct 12, 2012 1:02 pm

Looks purple to me, cant wait to see you destry it. Im already excited. :yes:
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