goose call break in and tuning

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goose call break in and tuning

Postby cut-emnova » Tue Nov 13, 2012 1:23 pm

just bought a straight meat honker and currently am in the break in period. is there any way to speed this up, and how long does this normally take before it really starts sounding good? also when does a new call normally need to be retuned?
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Re: goose call break in and tuning

Postby tripleb » Tue Nov 13, 2012 6:43 pm

I you don't mind sacrificing a reed or two, you can hook up the suction end of a vacuum (perhaps a Shop Vac type) cleaner hose to the exhaust end of the call and turn the vacuum on. It might burn out the motor of the vacuum if done too long without a pause, but it will speed up the break in process. The reed may develop bubbles on the edges of the reed where they come into contact with the tone board, so that's why the reed, or two, should be considered sacrificial. When I tried it, I used a Shop Vac and applied the suction in intervals of about 15 seconds before a break, then repeating for additional periods. I could tell the difference in how the call ran after about 2 minutes of using the Shop Vac, but my call's tone board was made from hard plastic. A set of guts made from soft plastic will wear in sooner.

The average caller should be able to run a call for many hours before a reed needs to be replaced .... or, though not likely, it could develop a bubble almost immediately.
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Re: goose call break in and tuning

Postby duckman1106 » Wed Nov 28, 2012 8:58 am

If you do the vacuum cleaner thing, make sure you pay attention and get that thing off there when the reed splits. It will ruin a tone board in a hurry if you let it run with a split reed for long. I only do it for a few seconds here and there to speed things along a bit. I take it off long before the reed starts to bubble and split. If you are just breaking it in by calling, you are looking at awhile depending on the material you use and how much you call. I'd say two seasons before you get it good and worn-in. That's with some practice time over the off-season too.
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