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New goose call

Postby NWiowaCutinGreen » Thu Dec 07, 2006 2:32 am

A few quick questions for some of you older and more wiser boys. I have been blowing a Fred Zink PC-1 (poly carb) for a few seasons. I am starting to learn how to get the call to cluck and moan. I find the short reed call kinda tough to blow. I think with more practice I will eventually figure things out. But I am really interested in finding a new goose call that would be easier to blow and sound more realistic than the poly carb call. Should I go with a flute or short reed? I have heard short reed is better, but I have been thinking about a goose flute. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys

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Postby thaner » Thu Dec 07, 2006 6:51 am

A flute is fine I used one for years. I am using a short reed now and love it. Keep practicing. There are many good short reeds and you will got lot's of recommendations. I like the goozilla for a cheep call and have had good results with it. I am going to a SMH for my next one. I like they way it blows and the low back pressure so I can call a little one handed when needed.
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Postby JBO » Thu Dec 07, 2006 8:09 am

If you are familiar with using a short reed, I would recommend that you stay with it. I have a Foiles SMH and I love it. If you decide to stay with ZINK, he has many acrylic calls that would like.
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