Help with Goose Call!!!

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Help with Goose Call!!!

Postby FishBio31 » Wed Oct 09, 2013 10:12 pm

I've had a Tim Ground Super Mag Pro and Foiles SMH for years. Never liked the straight meat honker and did just basic sounds out of the Grounds call. Ordered the Bad Grammar DVD and a Giant Killer goose call and after watching the video and learning the correct way to blow a short reed I am liking the SMH alot! Easy to blow and I seem to be able to run it without too many incorrect notes. The Grounds call requires alot more air and doesnt feel as fast as the SMH. Now the Giant Killer has been an absolute pain trying to run correctly. It seems like it needs alot of air to run correctly and I dont think thats my style. My question is, should I hang onto the GK and see if after I improve some more, try it again and maybe like it or should I trade/sell the GK and get something else that requires less air? Maybe I just havent give the GK enough of a chance yet, just have a real issue with getting it to crack over. Sometimes it does and others it doesnt. Hand placement seems to make a huge difference also. Not as forgiving as the Grounds and SMH. Seems the harder I blow it the better but its a completely different call to run than the SMH. Thoughts and opinions please. If I need to get rid of the GK, I'm open to trading for something you think would be easier to operate. Thanks
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Re: Help with Goose Call!!!

Postby mgerlach » Wed Oct 09, 2013 10:31 pm

I would try retuning it to fit your style. if u don't know how trevor shanahan has some really good videos how to do it on you tube.
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