Decoy spread goose and duck setup

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Decoy spread goose and duck setup

Postby skylooker » Wed Oct 24, 2012 5:37 am

Had a question for you guys..... So I hunt a flooded rice field with my blind on a east to west check, I normally use approx 300 duck decoys set up in a U pattern on either side of the check ( north/south side) with about a dozen speck decoys off to the side in there own little pod. This year I have a new blind partner who has an additional 30 speck decoys and a couple snow decoys, most of his decoys are floaters but he does have approx half dozen full body decoys that were gonna add to the spread. My question is what do you guys think my best set up and placement would be to add that amount of goose decoys to my existing decoys? Is there anyone else that uses that amount of goose decoys with ducks in a flooded field ? I'm sure I will have to adjust the spread some as the year goes on but just curious on your thoughts. Thanks
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