sportplast foldable decoys

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sportplast foldable decoys

Postby handyandy » Wed Jan 15, 2014 3:05 pm

anyone ever use them thinking about buying some from knutsondecoys for when I do walk in hunts or hunt places I use my canoe to be able to pack in more decoys than I normally can of regular floaters. Buddy of mine has some of the older foldable duck decoys of theirs and they have held up really well. Not as good looking as some decoys but they work and make it easy to pack in more numbers. Just hoping maybe someone else has had experience with them and would like to hear about it the price is alright on them but a little much for me to wanna give them a shot without hearing about them first. Here is the knutsondecoys link to them. ... float.html

there in the middle of the goose decoys the foldable sportplast decoys. Maybe I'm a idiot for thinking about them but figured if I can squeeze in another dozen decoys to a walk in load without it taking up much more space why not.
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