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Postby gooseslay369 » Thu Mar 17, 2005 12:14 pm

i am ganna buy a doz of the new GHG fullvody decoys and i am wondering how i can tell the differece in the 2004 and the 2005 dekes. so PLZ let me know so i dont get ripped off????
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Postby CALLEMQUACKTN » Sat Mar 19, 2005 4:17 pm

I have some of the 2004 decoys & have not had any of the problems that the others have talked about. I used mine about 30 times this year.
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Postby easternshorehunter » Sat Mar 19, 2005 10:06 pm

from what i have seen the 05s have some motion stakes. i think 4 have the mothion stakes and 2 have the standard bases like the 04s in a 6 pack
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Postby ShortReed » Sun Mar 20, 2005 6:38 pm

They will have three different options this year...

Hunter series - all standard bases, same deke as 2004.
Pro series - 4 motion bases, 2 standard bases and a slightly diff paint job.
Elite series - decoy is fully flocked but I don't know about which bases they will have on these.

My guess is that you will see different packaging on the 2005 boxes because of the different series they are producing, which is how you could tell the difference between the Hunter series and a box of the 2004 models.
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Postby quackkiller » Mon Mar 21, 2005 9:47 am

If you buy any now you will be getting the 04 models. The 05's won't be available until around July or August. The new motion system they have come out with looks really good.
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Postby h2ofwlr » Thu Apr 14, 2005 6:20 am

If the 05 bases are the same as the 04 standard bases, watch out! AI friend of mine had problems with the plastic bases, meaning the assembly falling aprat, the springs freezing up with snow/ice, and the spindlely legs snapping right off with the cold. But the if the CA motion bases are like the 05 Snow motion bases, I do not see how anything could break as it is a completely different design than the plastic moving parts of the 04s.
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