Goose flags?

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Goose flags?

Postby Mikel199 » Tue May 13, 2014 2:16 pm

Does flagging work? Thinking about getting one
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Re: Goose flags?

Postby TJP » Tue May 13, 2014 3:47 pm

Yes... like any other hunting gadget it has its time and place.
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Re: Goose flags?

Postby don novicki » Wed May 14, 2014 2:56 am

Absolutely. Don't buy an expensive flag just make one out of a piece of black cloth and an old broom handle. I made mine 10 years ago and it still works like a champ... :thumbsup:
don novicki
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Re: Goose flags?

Postby KillerKowalski » Fri May 23, 2014 1:26 am

Agreed. Mine is on the seventh season with a golf driver shaft glued to the bottom. It works.
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Re: Goose flags?

Postby clymerfowler » Sun Jun 01, 2014 1:00 pm

I use a avery power flag. i never leave without it. some days it doesn't make a difference but other days you can get them in the decoys committed with just the flag and they wont respond to calls.
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