Avian X vs. GHG FFDs

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Avian X vs. GHG FFDs

Postby cyclonefan » Mon May 26, 2014 4:13 am

I am looking for some opinions on these two decoys, such as durability, how well the stay upright in a high wind, overall appearance? Is it worth the extra bucks to get the fully flocked? Is there any other options that are better? I am looking to start a new spread and not sure what the best and most cost effective route to go. Thanks
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Re: Avian X vs. GHG FFDs

Postby SDduckhunter23 » Thu Jun 05, 2014 7:12 pm

Tough question! Both decoys look amazing in my opinion and I have hunted over both. Being an AYFS makes me leans towards ghg but you can't go wrong with either. Fully flocking is the absolute best because of the natural feather sheen that it produces especially on sunny days. I would search around and try to find the best deal you can in either maybe try prairiewind.com they usually have good deals on ghg. IMO those r the two best/most realistic decoys on the market because of how realistic their paint is and how realistic the movement system is. I will tell u that with bases that sit on ground with rings or squares sometimes blow over in high wind but lots of people use long nails one on each side to hold them down. They ring/square bases do work good on frozen ground and ice. Avian I'm pretty sure are connected to the bases while I know that ghg are not. They r both great dekes. I would go to a store and look at both brands then choose for yourself. Just my 2 cents

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