Goose Decoy First Aid

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Goose Decoy First Aid

Postby Winterwaterfowler » Mon Dec 31, 2007 10:58 am

Greetings: New to the site but I really like it. Hoping somebody can lend some insight on Goose decoy first aid. I have the Carrylite full body field shell magnums. The heads pop into the body and over the years of use the collar on the body has begun to break down. Anyone have any ideas with regard to first aid for the decoys. I've been thinking about trying the great stuff expanding foam. At some point I'll have to start rebuilding my spread but at this point first aid is a more viable and cheaper option. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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Postby Water_shot » Thu Jan 31, 2008 11:12 pm

Not sure I know exactly what your talking about but I have several shells that were starting to crack and split around the holes where the head goes. I first tried some two part epoxy and that held for a while but it too started to crack. Out of curiousity I used a hot glue gun to repair the necks and reinforce the collar at the same time. So far so good. Just run a bead of glue around the collar on the inside of the shell then use a tool (putty knife) or wait for the glue to cool to the point that you can use a finger to spread the glue evenly around the neck hole.
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