new hunter to utah!!! love to learn the ropes!!!

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new hunter to utah!!! love to learn the ropes!!!

Postby duckman89 » Thu Oct 15, 2009 2:59 pm

hi my name is michael brinkman, I am 20 years of age and just moved to bountiful utah, I grew up in lehi but was forced to move to washington state, where I have been the last few years. I am a avid archery deer and elk hunter, I used to hunt near flaming gorge when I lived here. so my elk hunting is taken care of, id love to get out on a deer hunt next year or even late season here if possible? I kinda need someone to explain the whole system to me, of how it works here, what areas you can hunt, and with what weapons, its alot more confusing then it used to be.
I also am in love with waterfowl hunting, and I had a good set of partners in washington I honestly believe its the only way to duck hunt. I have no idea where to go.... I have no one to take me, I am a good caller, for ducks or geese, I am a pretty good shooter also, I love having fun though thats what its about.

if anyone can help me, with anything id love to join in on a good duck or goose shoot, ill help pay for shells or food, gas, whatever

let me know


" the duckman"
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Re: new hunter to utah!!! love to learn the ropes!!!

Postby take-emtymt » Fri Dec 04, 2009 9:58 pm

Hey man i seen your post and i know how you feel. My name is Tyler Child and i live just outside of ogden which is north of you if you dont know but anyways its kinda late in the season so unless you know where open water is or some fields its goin to be pretty tough from here on out but farmington bay is some what close to you i have never hunted there but i know a few people who do and they say it just depends on the day but if you can find some open water and a stormy day or even just a cloudy day with a little bit of wind you should be able to do alright but you have to be early since there are alot of people that hunt out there and there are a few marshes around ogden there is howards slough which can produce and ogden bay and also harold crane i have some private property for geese i am just waitin for them to get in its been a little slow for the geese but once they do i wouldnt mind to take you out on a trip i dont know what you have for dekes but i have a little over 60 fbs/shells and a couple of my buddies have some totally close to 100 goose dekes but let me know how it sounds and just scout and look for open water. Send me a pm if it works for you
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