Hunting Lease

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Hunting Lease

Postby KID » Thu Dec 23, 2010 8:03 pm

Hey Guys,

I'm new to the site, and pretty new to waterfowl hunting and I'm looking for a good lease where I can kill some ducks. I dont care what kind. I live north of Atlanta Ga. and Im willing to drive up to around 4 hours if the hunting is good! Any openings or info just let me know. I'm willing to pay good money for a good place to hunt. If I posted this in the wrong place,sorry, somebody just correct me.


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Re: Hunting Lease

Postby MissedAgain » Wed Jan 12, 2011 3:06 pm


Get on Woody's GON forums and see what is happening there.

Go easy on the lease idea - plenty of birds to be had on public waters. If you lease make sure you get deer, ducks, & turkey for the money.

I lived in Norcross for a while and heard all about ducks on Weiss and up in Huntsville, otherwise it seemed like mostly wood duck hunting on the creeks and rivers and geese/divers on the bigger lakes. Don't forget about Seminole if wanting a canvasback.

I did not duck hunt the year I lived up there but shot some deer instead, coming from FL, I hadn't shot a deer in about 6-8 years.

What duck?
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