NE Arkansas flooded timber and 300acre deer hunt for ?

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NE Arkansas flooded timber and 300acre deer hunt for ?

Postby jordanb1 » Sun Dec 09, 2012 10:05 pm

Hi, I'm jordan. I just moved to the Nashville/Lebanon area. I'm 26 grew up duck hunting NE Arkansas, where I still hunt, but am looking for something local due to the long drive. I have a English female that is more than started, she's quite a retriever. I have tons of equipment, I'm a pretty good caller (if asked to be) I have a boat but it's not ready this season. I have access to another boat 1648 with a 25 Johnson. That I'm half owner in. My boat is a 2072 with a 115 merc just needs a little tlc I'm in the middle of a complete overhaul. Motor is strong running, new floor, new trailer, need to reienforce the transom (looking for 5/8" plate aluminum about 3'x6' or 7' and also some pieces of alum angle and or tubing) and some work on the controls.

Anyways I'm more than experienced, extremely safe, fun loving good ole boy that know what's it's all about. That is the thrill of the hunt with salt of the earth people. I would love to enjoy a hunt with you and yours. And I would in turn love to take you on a flooded timber hunt in NEA. Let me know if your interested. I nothing else I would love to just talk ducks.
God bless
thanks so much,
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Re: NE Arkansas flooded timber and 300acre deer hunt for ?

Postby dogmann » Sun Dec 30, 2012 7:20 am

jordanb1 i am from waverly tn ab a hour from Nashville.. i hunt in NE ARK as well in rice/beans but never really got into big green timber. would love to swap out a hunt with ya. I hunt in camden bottoms have alot of friends with blinds this year they are top blinds but no one here is killing ducks there just not using the bottoms been slow all year. i can get ya into one of them maybe later in if they start killing or i can set ya up a turkeys in the spring we have a ton of them here or a deer hunt.. where ya hunt in ark we are around harrisburg is where we stay..
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