Offshore Billfishing For?

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Offshore Billfishing For?

Postby ringerslayer21 » Wed Jan 16, 2013 11:43 pm

Fish off of a 47' post sport fisher in the summer out of destin,fl go to the oil rigs for ,, yellowfin tuna, blackfin tuna,mahi magi(dolphin) and wahoo and blue/white marlin.. looking for consistent amount of wigeons ..for some reason cannot ever seem to find them anywhere in good quantity... other than that looking for cans or ruddys ,,,maybe like minnow ponds ,,,,let me know what you got ,,only duck hunts please,, i don't deer or pig or turkey hunt
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Re: Offshore Billfishing For?

Postby kdanford » Fri Jan 25, 2013 3:06 pm

Hey Ringerslayer21, Not sure how far you want to travel but I live in Texas, hunt all private land and we shoot plenty of Widgeon each season, and we even shot some nice Cans this year although I cant guarantee them. Cans are around here but not consistent. Typically anytime after Chistmas is the best for our ducks as the majority have migrated here and are full plumage by then. Our season ends this weekend, so if you are interested in a trip for next season your invited. I trade hunts right now for a buddy I met last year from the Orlando area that wanted Mallards and he has come back again this year and took home Widgeon. I also have made a number of friends from Washington State that have come back each year as well. I have plenty of ducks and made some great friends in the process. Airfare from Florida to Austin has run only a couple of hundred dollars so its not very expensive to get here. I live in Bryan, TX which is about 90 miles east of Austin. I will be coming back to Orlando in March to turkey hunt and bass fish with my buddy there. My cell phone is 979-229-4333 if you want to give me a call and discuss it further. I can send you pics of some of the birds we took this season as well. Take care and good hunting.... Ken
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