deer or turkey for sea ducks

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deer or turkey for sea ducks

Postby kayaker1208 » Mon Feb 12, 2007 11:41 am

I would like to hunt sea ducks between maryland and maine. I am in SC and have deer and turkey to offer ducks too but all we get is woodies and hoodies.
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Postby MissedAgain » Wed Feb 14, 2007 2:56 pm

I'm out of Orlando.

They aren't sea ducks but we get a lot of bluebills down here in FL - can do layout type hunting or "blast & cast" for them since the limit is a measley 2 per hunter per day. Figure you'd get some heavy shooting (if you can't hit) up until about 08:00 and then try to sight cast some redfish and sea trout.

Ringers and teal (GW & BW) are really good possibilities. We also get mottled ducks, pintails, and shovelers.

Other possibilities include canvasbacks (our party got 1 this year but we had them fly by multiple times in small groups within 100 yards - just not in the right place...), widgeon (I had a "triple" out of a mixed flock of widgeon and GW teal), and redheads (heard about 500 or so in some huge bluebill rafts).

If hunting in 70 and 80 degreee weather isn't your thing, I build small layout/marsh style boats. See photo's below.

I'm looking for a couple deer - wife needs organic meat due to an illness.



A typical hunt - the guy in the light blue shirt is my uncle - comes down every year from NY to hunt with us. Uncle was shooting okay. We've had him take as many as 23 or 24 during his stay with us.

What duck?
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Ive got sea ducks on the eastern shore of va

Postby drbell » Sun Mar 11, 2007 5:41 pm

Hey i can offer a hunt on the eastern shore of va, for sea ducks brant and black ducks, and i have never shot a gobbler before, so it would work for me let me know
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