Alberta Upland for waterfowl

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Alberta Upland for waterfowl

Postby Ryan » Fri Jul 06, 2007 11:31 pm

I am just getting into waterfowl hunting and am learning the ropes. I do a lot of upland and know the local and and birds fairly well. Was thinking maybe some one in the same boat as me except getting into upland would like to swap experiences and methods with me. I have 2 fully trained bird dogs, access to just about all the land around here, plus I know where the birds are hiding. It will be hunting over pointers which is a blast and have never had some one tell me they didn't enjoy their experience with my dogs.

If anyone in AB is looking to get into upland hunting or just looking for a new hunting partner send me an email or PM.
Three Rules of Hunting Birds Over a Dog
1. Don't shoot the dog
2. Don't shoot the dog's owner
3. If you break Rule 1 hurry and break Rule 2
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