Ill trade Nevada Swan/duck/goose for whatever

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Ill trade Nevada Swan/duck/goose for whatever

Postby nevadadiver » Sun Mar 08, 2009 10:14 pm

I'll be hunting out of Stillwater Nevada for Swan, duck and geese. Usually the best time to come hunting in Nevada is towards the end of November and it is also when you have the best chance to get the three. You will have to buy lodging for yourself, NV hunting license, duck stamp, and swan tag ($20 you can buy on internet). The ducks that you are most likely to see while hunting are green wing teal, Mallard, gadwall, pintail, widgeon, redhead, bufflehead, canvasbacks (if the season is open), goldeneye, ring neck, spoonbill, scaup. The geese will be just starting to come in during this time of the year and are usually nice and dumb and will come into calls and decoys. Swans are also very easy to get as I have a nice setup for them. If anyone has any offers please let me know. I'am open to any trades.
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