Salmon/Steelhead/Browns for chuckar/Pheasant

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Salmon/Steelhead/Browns for chuckar/Pheasant

Postby rapidrdr » Sun Apr 05, 2009 8:42 pm

If you are interested in a quality Chinook,Steelhead or ocean run German Brown Trip have i got the place. You can stay at my place on California's Trinity River and either raft,drift boat, or hike in for these fish. Best time is late September through January. February is great for steelhead. Could also arrange a duck hunt for divers (scaup, ringnecks, cans?) if interested. I'm looking for a quality Chuckar or Pheasant hunt. I'm particularly interested in Chuckar, and have done well on both in the past. Want to learn as much as possible about hunting Chuckar. Can travel anywhere in the West.
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Re: Salmon/Steelhead/Browns for chuckar/Pheasant

Postby Wingedapair » Mon Apr 06, 2009 1:41 pm

I'd love to chase some Steelhead with you!!! I have great access to 2,000 acres of chuckar territory and you are welcome to stay at our place. We have refined the art of nailing these birds!!! The Trinity is a watershed that I know holds very nice fish and that ocean run German Browns are being taken more and more.....Let's go!!!
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