Duck Calls??

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Duck Calls??

Postby waterfowler20 » Mon Nov 02, 2009 9:04 pm

Well im lookin to pick up a new duck call or so, just wondering if anybody has any good suggestions?? Mine right know works great, but kinda sticks up, so im lookin for a little better one. Thanks! :yes:
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Re: Duck Calls??

Postby sixXgun » Mon Nov 02, 2009 11:21 pm

ducklander calls.
custom call maker out of Kansas City...cheapest acrylic calls you will find. I love em.
also get a call you can really doesnt matter what name or how much it costs if you cant blow cant blow it.
IMO ducks arent gonna come in unless you sound like a duck regardless of how much the call is or who's name is on it.
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Re: Duck Calls??

Postby swampboy91 » Tue Nov 03, 2009 11:57 am

The above is 100% correct. You can buy a 150 dollar duck call, but if you sound like a blue herron on it, it just will not turn out too great. I own several calls from RNT, Zink, Foils, and Duck Commander. These are all great calls, but I like having a call that is set up for me. There are several call makers that will tune a duck call to your likeings in person or over the phone. I have yet to meet a call maker who will not help someone out. Try Allen Bliven Calls, Waccamaw Calls, and Muddy Paws. They are great call makers and will all find a call to fit your needs.
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Re: Duck Calls??

Postby GotCoot » Thu Dec 24, 2009 12:16 am

well i have a zink call ph2 and it works really good i sugest that you buy a ph2 but they are kinda pricy
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Re: Duck Calls??

Postby sloughhunter94 » Thu Dec 31, 2009 10:20 pm

GotCoot wrote:well i have a zink call ph2 and it works really good i sugest that you buy a ph2 but they are kinda pricy

i'll double that
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Re: Duck Calls??

Postby silverbullet32 » Thu Dec 31, 2009 10:28 pm

i am also looking for a new call. im a fan of zink, very good calls. i also like echo, but both brands are pricey. buck gardner makes some cheap acrylic calls. check those out
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Re: Duck Calls??

Postby summerducks » Mon Jan 04, 2010 11:38 pm

Duck Commander-Duck picker,brown sugar, or the sarge best and easiest duckcalls ive ever owned duck picker is alittle raspy but real good the brown sugar does not echo much if any and every body knows a duck dosnt echo when it quacks dont have the sarge yet but i watchdem on duck commander and it sounds pretty dang good
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Re: Duck Calls??

Postby David&Ducks » Thu Dec 23, 2010 9:59 pm

I have had the same problem with my previous duck call the (buck Gardner double nasty) i have purchased the sarge and original commander earlier this year by the duck commanders line of calls they produce i haven't had one stick blow out brake or any thing!if i where you i would go for one of there products!!
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