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poetry class

Postby arizonaduckhunter13 » Sun Apr 16, 2006 1:34 am

well i had to come up with some poems for poetry class i don' t know if there really manly but they are about sorrow life and love and please don't bagg on me about them what do you think about them?

Please don't break my heart
as i lay in the dark
thinking of you
im squeezing my heart
as its about to burst
and i know life is going to end in a hearst
so enjoy it while we have it
it only lasts a while
so why make it worse
life is hurt
and hurt is life
so without hurt
there would be no life
or reason to want life
so keep the hurt in life
but help me in this slow hearst ride
i died for you or so it seems
this coffin is breaking at the seams
when you left me all i could see was this dark ride
in the hearst that that seemed to be cursed
but what you didn't know was that this poem was in my pocket
and now you are reading it but i can't see you because i am in
this coffin and they just locked it.
so my heart is left for you unsaid so make me happy
and have a happy death.


My heart would break if it weren't for you
i would still have nothin but the little hope of you
i am here to say that i love you
i start to stray from the truth that is buried in my heart
you are my dreams my hope my life and i hope you are here to stay
a hole has been dug in my heart and it wouldn't ever come apart if you
are still there to hold my heart


The Love in my heart burns through my bleeding chest
as if to say it needs a rest
my body seems to break the way for my soul to never stay
i was waiting for the day my crush would say
hey don't go please stay.
life lives forever but love comes and goes like the desert rain that slowly flows.
my heart breaks every time i stray from where i should stay
the changes in life come and go and i am broken to the point to no return
where many go and i just go with the flow
this is the life that many know and many can share
the sorrow soft and slow.

I love you

I love you
it's true
i see you everyday
i try to say hi while i pass
but my mouth feels like glue
but now my dream has come true
i have you
and you are the one that makes me choke up
and want to just hug you
and never let go
i love you
i will say it a million times if i have to even though i know its true
although i can say your here to stay it still hasn't set in
that your here like glue
i love you

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Postby Gooseboy » Sun Apr 16, 2006 7:35 am

I never want to take that class. Im not much of a poetry person but they seem alright?
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