[Dominions 3] VGO Game Four, Game Started

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[Dominions 3] VGO Game Four, Game Started

Postby sharonj » Mon Jun 10, 2013 1:15 am

We're again playing in the Middle Era. Nation choice is made on a first-come, first-served, principle. We've thus far played on a fairly rapid schedule even as we reach the end game, with what's usually 1 turn per day. Delays have been made fairly liberally, to compensate for emergencies or planned absences both, or even to proactively give more time on the deadline when it's approaching and a player, or players, haven't submitted their turn. A word on diplomacy: Most diplomacy in prior games have happened through in-game messages, but using PMs through the forum is often a more efficient choice and can favorably be done if you want to track what has been said or want more expedient communication. Agreements are as binding as the affected players want them to be and there is no authority policing that the exact detail of an agreement is followed.

Don't cheat other players during trades, it's just a terrible move all around. Players stay in the game up until they're beaten in a way that they're out of troops and resources and can't affect the outcome of the longer. Even if you feel that your own position leaves no chance of victory your participation is very likely important in deciding who else wins. Map will be chosen depending on how many players are interested in playing. Conceptual Balance Mod version 1.94 is going to be in use as in prior games.

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