Understanding Florida...WMA's, Private, and hunting off H20

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Understanding Florida...WMA's, Private, and hunting off H20

Postby bthompson1999 » Sat Oct 31, 2009 8:22 am

So this may be a stupid question but I am just trying to understand the logistics here in Florida in regards to hunting "Public" lands. I do have a buddy who hunts up in PA and the idea of Public lands is as it sounds-Public. You can go on it, without a WMA quota permit or land owner permission. 99% of everything down here in Florida is either WMA or private land. I get the quota idea and understand the luck of the draw. I also understand the private aspect, but what I don't get is the process of putting in on a lake and hunting the water's edge.

I was out duck scouting this morning and had lots of air-boaters taking off towards the woodlines off of Lake Jessup. I decided to ask what the guy was hunting, assuming gator just because I think this is the last weekend, but he said deer and hog. Of course his response was not a warm one, but I am just trying to understand the logistics of being able to hunt this "public" land that he spoke of. I have another friend who does this very same thing, and explained it to me as a water-level issue and it being legal because the animal is below the water line. These guys in the airboats had tree stands and were getting off to hunt though.

Any advice for someone who wants to hunt bow and general gun legally down here in Florida?

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