Advice on an advanced technology trail cam...

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Advice on an advanced technology trail cam...

Postby SirPuddleDuck » Wed Jan 12, 2011 6:34 am

Well, I know very little about these devices I guess I'm a bit Johnny-Come-Lately. I tried a basic search in this forum couldn't find the info. ANYWAYS... what I want is a remote, non flash trail cam. That is, one that will be acessable remotely such as, via email or will transmit a short distance. The cam will be posted in a woods far enough away that I won't want to do the hike, creek, fences, ravenne, but I can get close.

So, are there any trail cams with good resolution, that'll take non-flash pics and I can stand away to receive pictures?? Tall order and notice, I didn't make price a factor! OK cheaper if I get 3!

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