found some sign while shed hunting

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found some sign while shed hunting

Postby toolmaker » Mon Feb 06, 2012 1:31 pm

i had a great spot for many years to look for sheds....a place in suburban ct that no one can hunt, that holds big deer. but the last few years someone else is scouting for the sheds, while i am still duck hunting!!

but went saturday and found only 6...and took some pictures.


the one has a real neat little HOOK on the end...kinda hard to see in the picture because of the antler behind it.

this is some droppings I found...large droppings...equals BIG deer!!


those are size 13 boots!!

ake a look at the rubs here. you can see these trees have been rubbed for a dozen years or more....this is one agressive buck for sure..maybe more...


I have found a 70 " shed here.... thats one antler no Inside spread

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