Well here it is,time for bear,almost

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Well here it is,time for bear,almost

Postby Duplex lover » Fri Mar 30, 2012 2:36 pm

17 days to go. I'm pumped. I took the MOAG ( mother of all guns ) and shot 20 rounds through her. I've neglected :oops: her as of late with all the coyote, prairie dog, goose ,and duck hunting we did. But I'll make it up to here shortly. I hope this year the snow will let us in to some bear country this year .Last year the snow didn't abate till well after the spring season,and a lot of the bears just staid in bead till then too. But this year they Denned up way late and put lots of FAT on. I have seen reports of Grizzly running around and the blackies should be getting up too. If a LATE snow storm doesn't block us off I have a good feeling about this year.When I put the 45/70 on paper she shot like we where old friends. I did my part she did hers. MAN that old gal sure knows how to make this old guy feel good. :thumbsup:

A buddy and I may get out next Monday and do a "Coyote" trip up to the snow edges and look for bear sign.

Well here we go man I love it!@!! :grooving:

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