Hunting season ,have a plan?

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Hunting season ,have a plan?

Postby Duplex lover » Wed Oct 17, 2012 5:59 pm

What's your plan Sam?

I'm going to try and knock out my deer first thing so I can move on to better stuff.

Any old 4 point mule or whitey will do.

The "duck boat project" took a huge chunk of time from my bear effort so that's still pending and the swan thing will have to wait till later.

I don't hit elk very hard but will spend a little time looking for a nice one when I'm hunting WOLF! I WANT to get a wolf this year and plan spending construable time trying.

December first the duck and goose hunting will take center stage on the river,Hence the duck boat. The swan will mostly be down south by then so I hope to blast one when I'm out doing something else. After all that MY Favorite game starts!!!! COYOTE!!!!

We have a few tournaments ( coyote)were going to try.I normally don't to tournaments "cause I normally CHOKE!!!

I don't do a lot of Ice fishing anymore But HAVE to work in a Ling trip on the river once, Soon.

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Re: Hunting season ,have a plan?

Postby apexhunter » Thu Oct 18, 2012 2:19 pm

For the first time in 20+/- years I missed last weekend's gun season opener here in NC but that is being rectified this afternoon. I'm leaving a bit early today and have tomorrow off. The truck is packed and me & my trusty X-bolt will be in a stand over a dug & turned but not picked peanut field before 6:00 tonight.

From the reports they are not yet chasing so it is good timing to get a couple does for the freezer before narrowing in on a couple nice bucks we've seen on camera. Unfortunately we may get storms tonight and tomorrow morning but once the thunder/lightning subsides into the woods & swamp I'll go before finishing the day back over a peanut field. Anybody say all-yuou-can-eat buffet?

i have to cook for large parties the next 2 weekends (I simply cannot get it through people's heads to cease with pig pickins in the fall) but I have every Friday and some Thursdays (plus Thanksgiving) off next month and will be either in the woods or a duck blind every weekend.
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