Hog/deer/duck hunt in Johnston County for good cause

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Hog/deer/duck hunt in Johnston County for good cause

Postby Cmdrshettler » Sat Dec 15, 2012 9:38 pm

Im looking for any farmers or land owners that would give me written permmision to hunt hog and or deer on there land. I do not hunt in large groups ( normaly hunt alone or one other person max of course only with permission from land owner). I will adhear to any specific requests that you may have. I will say however that most of the meat, will be processed and donated to a food bank givaway location here in Kenly, NC. ( Of course I would keep some for myself but once my freezer is full...) I do have a hunting license for waterfowl, and big game, with no tags currently used :sad: I currently am hunting a slice of land that is part of the Church that holds the food bank give away, and am trying to get them more food to give out the the people who may be without during the holidays. Any help would be appreciated. Email me @ Cmdrshettler@gmail.com
p.s. I also just love to hunt for sport ( I still eat the meat. I eat what I kill) So if you want to join me and my friends on a hunt please feel free to ask. No charge just bring your own stuff. i.e. rifle cammo and other hunting items. Thanks for eveyones help.
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