muzzleloader question

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muzzleloader question

Postby The Red Zone » Sun Feb 24, 2013 7:32 pm

Hello everyone, I was wondering if you can help me with by a muzzleloader. I'm trying to decide btween the CVA Elkhorn and Traditions Evolutions. I've shouldered them both and like them the same just need some personal experience between the 2.
Thanks for the help
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Re: muzzleloader question

Postby 2500hdon37s » Wed Feb 27, 2013 11:07 pm

I personally have/ shoot a CVA wolf and it has be trouble free for me and shoots ok for an open sight muzzleloader
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Re: muzzleloader question

Postby DiscountedHunts » Sun Mar 10, 2013 10:14 pm

Take it from someone that has done a lot of muzzleloader hunting in multiple states, with multiple laws and muzzle loader configurations. Bull elk in Colorado big whitetail in Iowa, and big Mule deer in Kansas, along with multiple deer in Nebraska.
Stop and clear the air, in the western states it is a "Primitive" season. No scope, no sabots, no pellet powder. In the eastern states Nebraska east it is much more forgiving as Iowas you can use any powder, even smokeless(big advantage), scope, and so on.

POWDER: there are only 3 manufactures of muzzle loaders that can shoot smokeless powder, Big Bull $ 4000, The Ultimate muzzle loader $ 7000, and Savage $600... yes savage one of the best kept secrets. The great advantage of their is you can shoot rifle powder in the states where it is legal and shoot rings around all other muzzle loader for long range accuracy and speed!( Boy are some muzzle loader shooters going to hate me for calling their baby ugly.) The short range characteristics of a muzzle loader is its lack of speed and large frontal area for drag. The rifle powder will push the bullet faster than any black powder or subsatute, and the bullet power amount will give you accuracy. The ultimate accuracy is that it burn so clean you can shoot 100 rounds without cleaning the barrel. Barrel fowling amount is a critical part of muzzle loader accuracy. With this the use of a scope is very justified and is great for shot that many black powder shooters say is to far.

When you go to a primitive state take the scope off and use the iron sights, change to the terrific Blackhorn209, it puts prodex and all the others to shame, and put in a powerbelt bullet or a Hornady Muzzle loader bullet and you are completely legal and shooting good again.
Hundreds of rounds of shooting and testing, numerous kills of not only mule and whitetail deer but numerous hard to stop elk at long range proved this is the way to go. Technology was great but marketing was poor, also user testing of a mixture of black powder and Smokeless powder all in the same load froze Savages making of the rifle that looks much like a Savage .308 rifle.

If you want to hear more from another source google up this has got to be the best kept secret, faster speed than black powder shooters is the key.... Speed Kills.
Lastly I want to apologize if I steped on any other muzzleloader shooters toes. We all enjoy our muzzleloader if we didn't we would just shoot high power rifles. If our muzzleoader would shoot the ranges like a high power rifle we wouldn't shoot high power rifles. all I can say id mine does and if a state does not put stipulations on the type of powder used why not shoot the more accurate faster butning powders. The Savage 110M MII is work looking for, I have never seen anyone that got it that wasn't impressed, Check it out, Impress me.
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