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food plots

Postby josh 06 » Sun Feb 08, 2009 6:07 pm

we are planning on planting some plots for deer this spring and fall but the land we hunt is cattle land.we shot a couple nice bucks out of it the past few years but want to give them some food to eat and maybe better the herd.the areas we want to plant are small maybe quater acre plots.any ideas on how to keep the cows of the stuff till we hunt it.also what should we plant.we need somethin semi drought in the south east its been relatively dry the past two years.everybody keeps sayin plant grazing rye but i figured theres got to be sometin more appealing to deer.any suggestions bout the cows and what to the way were gonna plant several plots just none larger than a 1/4 acre cept maybe a big one on the power line.
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