Turkey and Tracking Questions

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Turkey and Tracking Questions

Postby Gooseboy » Sun Mar 19, 2006 8:27 pm

Ok yesterday my friend spotted a Turkey and tryed following it but lost his tracks. Do Turkeys generally stay in the same areas or do they move alot? Its in a wooded area in my neighborhood. He said it was a big Turkey. I want to get in some camo and bring a call to see if i can get near it. Any tips for tracking? It was yesterday and theres only a couple spots of dirt mostly tall grass, weeds, cedar trees and other trees. Whats a good call to use as in yelp or what type. I have a slate call.
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Postby playaxplorer » Thu Mar 23, 2006 3:04 pm

yeah turkeys are very habitual, in the fall i can set my watch by them (that's to say they stop by my feeder at the same time everyday unless they are disturbed). However, they get a little less predictable in the spring. i'd need to know more about the area and what time of day it was, but i'd say you got a pretty good chance of spotting him in the area again. if its wooded and you saw him early in the morn or late in the afternoon, there's a strong chance he's roosting up there.

as for call types, yeah just a good yelp this time of the year ought to get him to gobbling. But why just try yelps???? This is a great learning scenario for a young hunter. work in some clucks, cutts, purrs and cackles and really get him worked up. Don't know what those sound like? No problem. Check out wildturkeyfederation.com, they will have a full library of audio of real turkeys calling.
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turkeys are stupid

Postby BHUNTER » Thu Mar 23, 2006 4:26 pm

turkeys have got to be the dumbest bird alive, the go from the roost to feed and back to roost, whats dumb about them is that they usually take the same route. they may loaf around the area they feed in but they will not venture off the beaten path unless they are spooked, tell you freind to find the roost and he will find his bird.
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