Dove Hunting near East Bay

Pheasant, turkey, dove, grouse, partridge, quail, squirrel, rabbits, etc.

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Dove Hunting near East Bay

Postby mrphud » Mon Jun 03, 2013 10:08 pm

Hi There,

I was wondering if anyone has suggestions as to where are some places to dove and/or quail hunt near or close by the east bay. I have looked through many of the WA listed by DFG and they are all pretty far. I was hoping that there might be some closer to pleasanton or the like. I was golfing with a couple of guys who said there was a spot near the 5 and 580, but I don't remember the exact location. I am open to trying some new places.

Oh, background. Hunter for years now. Just moved up to Hayward for a Job. Now I need to find some places to carry on the tradition. Glad we are not too far from the Sierras.

PM me if you don't feel like spilling the beans to the whole internet.

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