Woodcock humbels two hunters

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Woodcock humbels two hunters

Postby Dutchy » Sat Dec 02, 2006 9:38 am

Two days ago, I spend the day hunting. First on the lake shooting ducks and geese and the afternoon shooting woodcock over my dads pointer.

As we're walking trough the woods looking for game, my dog flushes a woodcock at around 40 meters away. I shoot it with the left (1/2 choke) barrel and it appears to have a lung shot it starts flying up wards and lands in a tree! The dog sees it land and starts barking its head off, because it cannot reach the bird at ten feet in the air, and for all it knows woodcock are not supposed to land in trees.
If I wouldn't have seen it land there I wouldn't have found it in a million years. So I decide to call over my buddy and show him how weird it is to find a woodcock in a tree. After we're standing there laughing and talking for some time I decide to take my gun by the stock and knock the bird out of the tree. I approach the tree and the D... bird flies away! I aim, think nah that's to close I don't want to blast it to bits, so I wait. I miss, my buddy misses twice and I miss the second shot. The bird flies a few hundred meters and lands in a tree 30 meters high. I keep my eye on the tree walk there and:... nothing! Gone! I shoot the tree for good measure but nada, nothing.

Well that's when we called it a day and went for a sloe gin...
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