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Postby Wilsona018 » Mon Aug 15, 2005 10:42 pm

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Postby gahunter » Tue Aug 16, 2005 8:18 pm

I usually shoot a Browning sweet 16, which is bored with a modified choke. I think that I might shoot my 12ga. with an improved cylinder this year, just to get the feel of my 12 for duck season.
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Postby texasduckblaster » Tue Aug 16, 2005 9:16 pm

i shoot a modified, but an improved should work just fine.
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Postby firebird » Wed Aug 17, 2005 1:20 pm

I love my 20 gauge o/u Beretta with Mod. on top and full underneath, I could go more open but have never felt the need. Two other favorite items would be a camo visor (lets heat escape out my head) and a belt with pouches for shells and doves.
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Postby cut_un » Sun Aug 21, 2005 10:00 am

I have a Rem with choke tubes and would not think about going out without my improved and and a mod tube. As the day starts out the birds may be a bit closer and you need to spread your pattern, as the day goes on, the birds may fly a bit higher(or flare) so you may want to tighten you pattern up a bit. I guess on any given day it all could change up but try to leave your options open... if you can! and good luck, it's a great sport and they are a great bird to test your skills! Enjoy :getdown: and they pretty good to eat after de hunt is over too :salude:
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Postby duckplucker » Wed Sep 28, 2005 8:47 pm

between those two, it shouldn't matter. i shoot an old 20 guage model 1100 with a modified choke in it, and it puts em down rather effectively.

if all else fails, put a lot of lead in the air! Lol, JK. i hate it when people just shoot to hear their gun go off.
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