Pink Salmon Fishing Video

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Pink Salmon Fishing Video

Postby TripleDub » Sun Oct 11, 2009 1:30 am

Its short, kind of sweet, fish are in it. Its a Zipperlip river, at a zipperlip hole. The fish are salmon, sounds pretty sweet right? Well some of that is true, Episode 7 of TripleDub Outdoors hit the floor today and its a running.

CAUTION: A few bad words are dropped, and the music track has a few. Other than that its good old fishing fun.

It only runs 2:45 minutes or something like that, so check it out. Rate it, leave feedback(constructive please.) Subscribe if you have a youtube account, whatever it takes. I want to have this TripleDub Outdoors thing to succeed, so if you have tips, help or ideas drop them in the box or something. I also have camera and will travel.

Anyways here is the link.

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