Rods: Backbone vs. Feel

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Rods: Backbone vs. Feel

Postby Bandit29 » Sun May 16, 2010 9:31 pm

Wanting to get a good rod, for fishing jigs, plastic worms, carolina rigs, etc.. My question is should I concentrate more on a backbone (medheavy or heavy) or more for feel like a medium rod?
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Re: Rods: Backbone vs. Feel

Postby GroundSwatter » Mon May 17, 2010 7:10 am

If you are fishing with Bass Jigs, Texas Rigged Worms, Carolina Rigged worms, or even weightless worms, you will need a rod with some back bone in order to set the hook. IMO Medium action is just too light for this. You would want at least Med-Heavy and if you're fishing these things in heavy cover like Tree tops, Heavy might be a good option.
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Re: Rods: Backbone vs. Feel

Postby clemaire2 » Mon May 17, 2010 1:50 pm

H&H coustom rods make great rod they are out of Houston TX. the med. heavy are good for what you want they give you great feel and back bone
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Re: Rods: Backbone vs. Feel

Postby cinnamonteal7 » Tue May 18, 2010 2:43 pm

i go for feel, but i live in nebraska i rarely catch one over 6 lbs so knowing when to set the hook is more important than ripping lips off, i also use my rod as kind of an all around im not rich lol just poor enough to have one shotgun one rifle one pistol and one rod. :beer:
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Re: Rods: Backbone vs. Feel

Postby bassmaster624 » Mon May 24, 2010 5:41 pm

i just got a carrot stick heavy.i love it you dont need to touch the line for feel it comes threw the rod with florocarbon line you cant go wrong.
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Re: Rods: Backbone vs. Feel

Postby Hawk » Mon May 24, 2010 7:50 pm

I prefer a stout rod myself. 7 footer with good backbone. almost a flippin stick.( with 85 million super-high-modulus graphite )
may say IM8 on the rod itself. look for rods with at least 7-9 line guides and one-piece. these may a little expensive. but hey you can use it for BIG BUZZBAITS, C-Rig. and pitching. 3/4 oz weighted CR is a breeze. hooked up with the right reel. you can cast a country-mile in open water. river and pond fishing is something else. which you failed to mention in your post. just what kind of fishing r you planing to do? Lake, river, or ponds?
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