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Postby ncduckkiller » Wed Apr 04, 2007 12:35 pm

I have a tip that I wouldn't reccomend, seen some crazy stuff in the time that I have been chasing the whiskered beast. I knew a guy one time that used to come to the launch every morning with a cooler full of cats so I ask him what he was using for baiting his trotlines. He says, "hotdogs and transmission fluid", evidently he would cut up a package of dogs and let them soak all day in the transmission fluid and the smell of transmission fluid would drive them crazy. Game warden one day just followed him by the slick he was leaving on the water and gave him a 5,000 dollar fine and impounded the boat. Very expensive lesson. :thumbsdown: I have always used small bream and had extremely good luck.......
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Postby DarkThirty Killer » Wed Apr 11, 2007 7:22 pm

If your fishing strictly for flatheads, then the it needs to be alive. We catch them in a river in NC, and we will go to a farm pond, and catch a bunch of 4-6 bluegills, and put them in a bait tank, then go to the river. Those small bluegill are like candy to a flathead. I have noticed that a wad of nightcrawlers on a 5/0 hook will catch the smaller flatheads occasionally. We catch a lot of channels in the 5-10lb range on live bluegill also. The bluegills stay alive a lot better than the shad. Crappie work good to, but they die a little quicker than the bluegills.
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