LED Flounder Lights

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LED Flounder Lights

Postby Bloke » Tue Jul 23, 2013 8:29 am

I went on my first flounder gigging expedition a few weeks ago. I have a small aluminum boat and was given some sea striker lights with 150 watt incandescent bulbs. I thought with a fully charged battery that I could get a few good hours of run time out of them... Boy was I wrong. So not to be skunked (I love a good challenge) I am in the process of building my own LED flounder lights. I have all the materials with the exception of the bulbs that are on the slow boat from China. (should have checked the shipping origin before placing order) :fingerhead: My question is this....does anyone know how much heat these small MR-16 style LED bulbs give off? I know it is significantly less than an incandescent bulb, but I am not sure how much less. I changed the design of the fittings to put the bulb in to make the opening closer to the bulb to give a wider beam angle. This puts the bulb significantly closer to the acrylic lens of the lights. I don't want to put it too close, if the bulb gives off significant heat, and mess up the 3200 seal around the lense and cause it to leak. Anyone have any experience with LED gigging lights?
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