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AVET Reels

Postby ShooterNJ » Wed Jan 15, 2014 7:10 am

Hey guys just wondering what you guys down south or out west think of AVET reels. It seems like the really took off on the east coast for striper fishing. The mate when I took my trip to the keys this year had one, he looked pretty surprised when I walked on with 3 of them. Don't really here much talk about them on the forums tho. I have one sx-j rigged with 40lb power pro on a st Croix primer and two Ml's on S.C. tide masters with 50lb power pro. I love them especially the sxj its perfect for fluke, weakfish, bluefish and stripers. Even got a 65lb black drum on my Sxj what a awesome little reel. what's your guys opinion on them?
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