Fishermen should learn how to service service thei own drags

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Fishermen should learn how to service service thei own drags

Postby Pacific Fisher » Tue Aug 26, 2008 12:56 pm

Many reel failures and lost big fish can be linked to poor drags.

It is pretty easy to service your own drags and install better than factory drag washers.

I have been doing it for many years. I fish mostly for steelhead and they let you know in a hurry the condition of your drag.

I highly recommend installing Carbontex drag washers and lightly greasing them with Cals drag grease.
Both of these products are available at this site (which i have no financial links to)

Another advantage of servicing your drags is that you can clean and lube the bearings, and spot corrosion while you have the reel apart. I clean parts with lacquer thinner. Do not spin dry bearings with compressed air as this will score them.

For bearings and outside protection I like FP 10 lubricant or Reel X.

You will greatly extend the life of your reels and have a shot at landing the fish of a lifetime if you learn this easy maintenance. :thumbsup:
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