pleasure boat owners

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pleasure boat owners

Postby shrpshtr » Fri Apr 21, 2006 2:51 pm

***i wasn't really sure where to post this because i am not looking for a duck boat. ***

i have been thinking about picking up a new pleasure boat for the family. anyone here own any deck boats? i have been looking at chaparral (sp) and crownline in around a 23-24' model. they seem to be reasonably priced for the quality. anyway, i was wondering how much room i would need (length-21-22-23-etc.) for a family of 4 with potentially another family tagging along occasionally. i would also like to know how practical the restroom is on these types of boats (i am 6'3" and don't think i can fit in there very comfortably). i really like water skiing, wake boarding, etc. and need a pretty strong motor for that so i was wondering about the 5.0l size range vs. the 5.7l. anyway, anyone's input would be greatly apprecaited. thanks in advance...

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Postby Webfoot12 » Sun Apr 23, 2006 11:43 am

We have a 22' Cobalt bowrider and can easily get 9 people in the boat and you can still pull a skier if you wanted. A 5.0 or 5.7 liter would both be fine. I would not go with less than a 5.0 if you are planning on cruising a lake with several people. Plenty of pony power to pull a skier (salomon or otherwise) and a wakeboarder. Not to mention the waves that sucker puts out!!!

I don't like deck boats. Its just a personal preference in the way they look. I do think they can probably accommodate more people and the bathroom is interesting. I did not know they could do that. Added bonus I guess. I've always just ran up on shore or...well you know. I would imagine it would be a tight fit for you but when you think about, who are they really targeting with that option??? I'm sure the kids and ladies would really appreciate the bonus. I could see it being handy on all-day run-abouts or even an overnighter on the water.

Hope that helps.
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