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Postby FrmUSMCducker » Sun Dec 22, 2013 4:01 pm

eXporist 310 _ I just got this GPS and did a review for another site but I think it would be pretty good for Geo Caching even though it sometimes takes a little while to track satellites it will do so in thick woods.

I really did like the look of this unit and the fit of the unit in my hand. I loved the display and how detailed it could be depending on where you were. It is an extremely accurate unit once it tracks the satellites. I would certainly recommend this product to people who have owned GPS in the past. If you have never used a GPS this unit would be a very difficult unit to start with. Those who are generally adept at using technology may not find this unit that difficult to use but with the lack of directions that come with the unit and the counter-intuitive display and menus I don't think that I could recommend this unit for a first timer. The unit does not come with a lanyard but it does come with all the cables needed to load new maps and it also comes with a year of membership for the website which I have not yet visited. I am looking forward to using it more when my next season starts but due to the lack of time I had this unit before hunting season ended I did not get to put it through all of its paces. I have given this product more stars if it were more user friendly.

PM me if you have questions about this unit. Certainly if you are planning to buy one.
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