Targets and Steel

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Targets and Steel

Postby MrsJumpshooter » Fri Dec 16, 2005 2:23 pm

Ok here is my problum. I can shoot very well with lead but I can hit the inside of a barn from inside of it with steel. This weeked I am trying a new choke an improved instead of a mod. what are you opinions on this?

and 2nd: For the guys that use the trap for pratcie for waterfowl, do you use lead or steel? Should I try shooting clays with steel to improve my accuracy with steel?

anyones imput would be great
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Postby Citori12 » Wed Dec 21, 2005 11:04 am

Well the solution to this problem could be extensive. Usually, when you are shooting lead at clay targets your dressed differently. The heavy clothes that are worn for waterfowl hunting have a tendancy to change how we mount and piont our shotguns. In addition, ducks do not fly like trap targets or skeet targets. Shooting practice on a sporting clays range where the targets present different angles, speeds and distances is very good practice. I think in many cases we as shotgun shooters look at problems in the terms of shotguns or shells. In many cases its usually the difference between shooting from a trap range vs shooting from a duck blind. For new hunters and shooters its all sometimes frustrating as it appears that there is something that needs to be fixed. In the case of my fiance, she is doing ok on shooting ranges but is having problems with crossing shots at ducks. This too will pass as she gets better with practice and more experience in a hunting situation. Good thing I can decoy them wings out and feet down as I think she would be getting discouraged by now. As long as they are back peddeling into my dekes she can whack em good though.
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Steel & trap

Postby Sagebrush » Wed Feb 01, 2006 12:30 pm

Most of the guys shoot # 8 or 7's for trap. 8's for skeet & 7's for trap.
The standard trap load is 1oz of # 8 lead at 1180 fps with 410 pellets.

A 7/8oz steel 7 has 379 pellets 1oz has 433 pellets. most loads are around 1275fps. They all work pretty good out to 35 yards. Chokes from skeet to Mod. are used most of the time.

Trap is shot at the 16 yard station. However, with skeet, I get a better "duck" target at the # 3 & 4 stations c/o passinf side shots.
These require at leat a 36" lead for a center punch hit !! These targets are at 20 - 25 yards at the center of the field, longer as they fly away.

Trap is a good way to find the maximum range of a load! I have been able to hit a clay from the 27 yard station when it first comes out. This is with a 1oz load of # 5 steel at 1550fps. Range 40 yards. I have let them sail to 50 yards and still break birds with a mod. choke.

With # 2's & BB's the pattern is so open you will miss a lot of your targets.

That's my 2 cents....enjoy Sage
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Postby skybuster20ga » Wed Jan 24, 2007 6:38 pm

im willing to bet your improed patterns better and perhaps even tighter then with mod due to less pellet deflection *blown patterns* ive seen it several times
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